Green Value Associates (GVA) is an investment management and advisory services boutique focusing on originating, assessing and managing sustainable real estate investments eligible for third party finance. It operates as a collaborative professional network of independent subject-matter experts. It consists of a core executive team, who is responsible for day-to-day operations, and also work on client projects based on their area of expertise. 

GVA maintains a network of associates, who support its client project work on a contractual basis. Its associates are of different professional seniority, expertise and background. GVA's associates have direct experience among other in sustainable real estate investment, public private partnerships, renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy management, energy brokerage, carbon reduction and alternative investments.

GVA also sustains a network of corporate partners like engineering consultants as well as energy monitoring service providers. GVA keeps business relationships with specialised consultancies, equipment vendors, ESCos and EPC contractors. GVA works also closely with investors and other financial institutions, who are interested in sustainable real estate and energy efficiency projects.

Green Value Associates maintains offices in London and Athens.

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LDK Consultants is a multidisciplinary consultancy combining engineering, technical assistance and policy making services. LDK was established in 1968 and has been active in the sectors of buildings and infrastructure, environment and water, energy and climate change as well as socioeconomic development. After more than 45 years in the international markets, LDK has successfully completed more than 2,200 assignments, from Latin America to the Philippines and from Iceland to Argentina.

In buildings and infrastructure sector, LDK offers the most advanced services in project design, supervision and management. LDK has accumulated experience in a vast variety of over 1,300 projects covering a wide spectrum, such as tourism, hospitals, educational buildings, residential developments, office buildings, shopping malls and mixed use complexes.

LDK has also been assigned contracts for the management of numerous construction projects. Another field of LDK's expertise covers the integrated technical due diligence reports on behalf of major clients such as international banks and investment bodies. When required, provided services extend beyond design, supervision, management and commissioning, to the preparation of complete series of maintenance and operation schedules, so as to assist the end-user in managing its facilities in ways that guarantee longer life-cycle.

Furthermore, LDK has worked with renowned multinational clients, from hotel chains and retailers to industrial groups and real estate developers. References in the field include projects assigned by international funding organisations, such as the European Commission, EBRD, EIB and the World Bank.

LDK's head office is situated in Athens. LDK also maintains satellite offices in Brussels, Belgrade, Bucharest, Limassol, Sofia and Nairobi.

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