Due Diligence


Investors considering acquiring, landlords interested in selling and corporates looking to occupy real estate wish to be shield against flaws and drawbacks of any commercial property asset or portfolio. They are asking for quantitative and qualitative results to assess and determine the inherent performance risk in terms of commercial characteristics, technical specifications and marketability of the underlying real estate asset.

Our role

Arbitrage’s team of experts ally with our clients’ needs, offering advice on technical, financial and market tangible and intangible real estate features. We thoroughly cover all aspects of technical inspection, including planning, energy efficiency, structural, building management and environmental audit. We also analyse tenancy and lease schedules, tenants credit strength, revenues and operating expenses. We also assess geography, catchment areas and competing property stock.

Our services

Our team delivers a holistic service that includes among other things a comprehensive findings report with all the necessary data citation. We offer rent & yield level estimations, financial investment performance modelling, asset investment appraisals and cost-benefit analysis. Together with our associates, engineering consultants and where needed strategic partners, we also provide planning advice, structural quality and repair reviews, energy efficiency audits, environmental and health & safety assessments.


We offer due diligence services to landlords, corporate occupiers, institutional investors, property companies, developers, family offices, private individuals as well as to local and central government authorities.