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Location, branding, lease profile, energy and space efficiency as well as good operation are essential parameters to any commercial property investment decision. On the occupiers side, functional usage requirements are frequently associated with challenging operational issues which demand expertise, time dedication and consequently deviation from core business duties. An ever changing economic and technology environment is also imposing fast response towards the way corporate and public sector occupiers exploit the merits and drawbacks of their premises.

Our role

Arbitrage Real Estate offers a deep market insight, coupled with experience and property industry expertise. We help our clients on multifaceted occupancy or investment needs with an analytic and thorough manner, whether it is an office, retail, industrial or specialised property they wish to occupy or invest in. We offer quick execution and professional representation, ensuring our clients receive the outmost regardless any complex and challenging issues that may arise.

Our services

Our agency and brokerage specialists provide acquisition & space sourcing as well as transaction negotiation & execution services. They also provide sales & lease marketing as well as lease administration & audit services. They also actively support relocation management, fit-out projects and facility management procurement exercises.


We offer agency and brokerage services to institutional and private investors, private equity funds, lenders, NPL servicers, landlords, corporate occupiers, property developers as well as to local and central government authorities.